Now the way I have come so far in my Martial journey as an underprivileged (because I had no formal/direct teachers) yet determined student is by studying literally most of everything there is about Martial Arts out there, through text and visuals.
I came across 52 Blocks while searching for some bar workout videos on Youtube. Did my search and study, saw a documentary and an informal instructional, and was hooked.

One day, while wrestling with a Somalian friend at the university I got thrown around a couple of times pretty badly. As confident as I am in my Takedown Defence, this was something new for me. He grabbed me by my pants (different grips: belt buckle and above the hip, side to side etc.) and spun me while tripping me. I asked him what it is and told me it is the Somalian street-wrestling art ‘Sabaahat OR Sobaahat’, and that it is very popular in Somalia and pretty commonly used in street fights. Instantly, I thought about 52, Stato, and Jail-House Rock. I told him about it and he had no clue what I was talking about. I explained the basic idea behind it’s success in streets and showed him some moves I had copied from Farisi Daniel, Hassan ‘The Giant’ Yasin and King Saladin.

I never got the chance to learn more about ‘Sabahaat/Sobaahat’ from Ali (the friend), so I was unable to start working on it and then its fusion with the African American street arts such as 52. If anybody practicing Sabaahat/Sobaahat does the research and finds someone from 52, please cross train and create links and flows from one to the other since one is a striking-heavy art while the other one is grappling-heavy. Add some ground and pound, some Wrestling and BJJ tweaks here and there in the standing grappling, takedowns and ground control and we’re good to go. Something that should be dear to an African or African American, someone who is interested in learning about the ancient and the contemporary fighting styles of his culture and/or race.

EKS (MMA Preacher)