Principles of Striking (For MMA/Muay Thai/Kick Boxing/Boxing)

1. Hands Up!
2. Chin Down!
3. Move Your Head!
4. Circle Left / Right!
5. Always Fake or Feint!
6. Never Take Without Giving!
7. Be First!
8. Be Last!
9. Leave Nothing Unanswered!
10. Return at Least 2 to 3 Shots For Every Single Shot Received!
11. Punch When Kicked!
12. Kick When Punched!
13. Clinch When Tagged!
14. Hands Set Up Kicks!
15. Punch or Kick Out Of A Clinch or Break!
16. Cut Your Opponent Off – Stalk Him!
17. Dictate Center Of The Ring!
18. Always Change Up Attacks!
19. When You Score – Blitz!
20. Perpetual Motion – Stay Busy 
NOTE: Drops taken from Master Erik Paulson’s ocean of knowledge. 


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